Stone Sour ‘Hydrograd’ Album Review

Stone Sour released their 6th studio album Hydrograd via Roadrunner Records. At first listen, it is silly and baffling. It is a record that ’s not afraid to musically wander from metal, punk/modern rock to country music with the ballad St. Marie.  They are crazy. The album sounds like the band doesn’t give a fuck and seems simply to be having fun. After all, is this not the most important ?

The album’s diversity is a kind of adventure for the listener. It is a glorious messy record that goes in all directions while somewhere, maintaining their musical signature. The end result is still being cohesive. They take a more raw approach to their music. It is a combination of live sounds, both visceral and contagious. Moreover, it is beautifully done and intense. The multi-layered sounds work well. What’s also striking is the almost Slipknot vibe that you get on this album with Taipei Person/Allah Tea and the dazzling collage of fast metal sounds on Whiplash Pants.

Along Taylor’s unique vocal style, good  riffs , Mayorga’ s drumming brings the fire and a whole energy to songs. Friday Knights is a striking example. Beastly drum also is a highlight on tracks such as Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song is Dumb & So Am I) , Thank God It’s Over, Mercy among others. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song is Dumb & So Am I) is a perfect follow-up to their number 1 single, Song #3. It has all the ingredients to bring the band a second hit. Fabuless has a 80s heavy rock vibe with a contemporary touch.

All in all, the album can leave devoted Stone Sour fans, baffled. Most importantly, it is fun. Their album also is a diverse offering well-crafted. It is really a good effort.

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Stone Sour 'Hydrograd' Album Review
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