Tantric 37 Channels Album Review

TantricTantric releases today their 5th studio album 37 Channels via Pavement Entertainment. It’s the follow-up to 2009’s Mind Control.

He has also surrounded himself with an impressive line-up of guest appearances including Kenny Olson (ex-Kid Rock guitarist), Austin Winkler (Hinder), Kevin McCreery (Uncle Kracker), David “2B” Mouser (KNOXX ,The Villebillies), Greg Upchurch (3 Doors Down), Scott Bartlett (Saving Abel), Shooter Jennings, Leif Garrett and Gary Morse.

The album reflects his influences while exploring an eclectic range of styles from old school country, southern, classic rock and Motown .

The record also mirrors Hugo Ferreira‘s  life. He pours his heart and his soul into his songs and onto the record and it is perceptible at first listen. More than just another album, the collection of songs takes the listener on one of his most personal albums to date, both inspired and soulful.  At the end, he manages to be versatile and impressive while staying cohesive and true with himself. The trademark Tantric sound with his intricate guitar work and crunching riffs is always present in the opener track, Again and Blue Room.

Lead single Mosquita grooves hard and hits at any levels with his blend of blues and old school country. Equally fascinating, Gravity has a contagious catchy chorus. Favorite track is without a doubt, My Turn, featuring the vocals of Leif Garrett. Hugo navigates with ease through different styles with remarkable strength and originality. He strings them together before giving them a new appealing twist . The modern rock tracks Where Do You Go From Here and Rise, reach another level of vibrance alongside the anthem rock track Bullet  and the beautiful piano ballad Fault with Austin Winkler (Hinder) sharing vocals with Hugo Ferreira on the two tunes.

Overall, 37 Channels combines a fine and sophisticated fusion of contemporary and old school country and rock that will not leave the listener , old or new, indifferent and glad to see that there is still musicians authentic and honest with their art.

37 Channels tracklist is as follows

  1. Again
  2. Blue Room
  3. Mosquita
  4. Gravity
  5. Loss For Words
  6. Where Do We Go From Here ?
  7. Rise
  8. Broken
  9. You Got What You Wanted
  10. Fault
  11. My Turn
  12. Bullet
  13. Girl In White