The Crow Issue 2 Review

Rate : 4/5

The Crow , issue 2 (of 5) is available now digitally and in your favorite comic book store via IDW Publishing. Be sure to grab your copy. Written by John Shirley, co-screenwriter of the original The Crow film and novelist (Everything is Broken), the Crow issue 2 contains artwork by  Eisner Award-nominated Fishtown artist Kevin Colden.

The Crow Issue 2 Review

Previously, Jamie Osterberg and Haruko Tatsumi were lovers. Haruko was abducted and returned as leader of Biotrope. But, she acted like she did not recognize Jamie. Then, he has been killed by burglars. The Crow brought Jamie Osterberg back to life as Yata Garasu, the crow spirit. In this new issue, he looks like a vengeful ghost, searching for truth about his fiancee. The second arc is a gritty portrait of a man , thirst for revenge, through a well-expressive artwork.

The story is set in a modern japan . This is clearly expressed in this second issue. It refers to some cultural aspects including haiku  (short poems in three short lines 5-7-5), kabuki make-up applied to villains and heroes, Otsuchi (tsunami and earthquake in 2011). I don’t really know if it helps for the plot but it brings interesting facts about the japanese culture.

Sometimes, the issue may seem to suffer from a complex narrative, specially the moment with the old woman and Toko (Kondo’ s mind). However, it will lead you to asking the same questions than the hero. Ultimately, somewhere, the narrative works… We also know a little more about what happened to Haruko.

All in all, the plot is making some great strides. The artwork carries the story perfectly. It is pleasant to see. It will be interesting to see the next issue.

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