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The Red Paintings have never failed to deliver intense performances blending art and music for a long time through outstanding participative scenography with audiences as painters and human canvases from all over the world.

A paradise on the stage led by The Red Paintings to enable people to express and liberate themselves. From one performance to another, you’re sure to find something new that suits you. Their intensity is contagious. You could feel the vitality they bring to their art. Their music is full of emotion. Mixing Alternative rock, Avant-garde, punk sounds and clever lyrics, the Red Paintings lead crowds and artists and music lovers to light up their imagination as well as to go beyond their own boundaries in their mind.

You also want to hear new songs. It is the moment to involve yourselves. The Red Paintings need you. Help them continue to make music and share their art. Be a part of their journey. Opportunities and exclusive contents are only available for you here

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If you don’t know them, please check out the review for their latest album The Revolution Is Never Coming here and watch some of their videos below to make you an idea. If the current mainstream gets you bored, it is the moment to act to change the things.

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