Theory Of A Deadman ‘Savages’ Album Review

Theory Of A DeadmanTheory of a Deadman release July 29 their 5th studio album Savages via Roadrunner Records. Follow-up to 2011’s The Truth Is, it is produced  by Howard Benson (TOAD – Gasoline/Scars & Souvenirs, Halestorm, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace,..).

Back to their early records with more musicality and creativity too, Theory of A Deadman really outdid themselves. Top notch at any level. A change on lyrics and a music that perfectly serves the mood of songs.It is also an explosion of crunchy melodies which are without a doubt the most catchiest they have ever crafted. With its electrifying combination of post-grunge and hard rock sounds, along flawless dynamics and superb ballads like Angel and The One, Savages is a great surprise.
The album loaded with big anthems such as Savages, Misery of Mankind and Salt in the Wound. Many of them will become classic. They have a tasteful flavor. The lyrics are remarkably written. It is deeper. This change  is a total successful. Lyrically, Tyler Connolly went to dark places.  Powerful metaphor about the solitude on the lead single, Drown. He also expressed his feelings about the society. The songs in the album are often scary, a darkness both brutal and explicit for example, on Blow.
There are some very intense moments in the heavier songs that remind you the typical atmosphere of an horror movie, such as Salt In the Wound, Heavy, Savages It is quite funny on Panic Room as well.  It would be interesting to get a video with this song. On the other hand, there are a lot of memorable choruses on the album and In Ruins and World War Me  are two examples  among others.  
Savages is filled with an explosion of guitar riffs and a wide array of textures that blow your mind.  Theory Of A Deadman also enlisted legendary Alice Cooper on the title track Savages who brings on the table,  his unique harmony and terrifying  spoken words. It is extremely infectious. The outcome is a little gem. 
Along these heavy songs, there are softer moments. Angel is one of these highlights. It is not a break-up song as usual but about a different kind of love with an angel. Once on earth, you realize that there is no tomorrow and it is better to let her go.
Meanwhile, The One, is a magnificent piano ballad  featuring a chords section. It is a haunting love song that has the potential to become timeless. In addition of heavy and soft songs, Theory Of A Deadman experiment new territories like the country music. They team up with Joe Don Rooney (Rascal Flatts) on guitar and vocals in Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song. They bring a new take, interesting and original. Finally, the ending track The Sun Has Set On Me concludes the album as strong as it started. Musically, the song seems to be the final chapter to Drown.
All in all, Savages is without a doubt their best work to date. The end result offers ome of most epic and infectious melodies that they have crafted. They deliver some thundering grooves and soaring delivery at any level , that will get stuck in your head. This album will definitely catch people by surprise in a pleasant way.