Theory Of A Deadman ‘Wake Up Call’ Album Review

Out in 2017 on Roadrunner Records/Atlantic Records, Theory of a Deadman ’s 6th studio album, Wake Up Call stands out as a memorable collection of contemporary smooth pop rock sounds. Equally compelling, It is an effective ride with strong emphasis put on the infectious hooks that quickly overtake the mind. The album delivers some of catchiest sing-along choruses. Each song on the album could easily make it as a single. it is an excellent display of their versatile talents to fit in other  territories. It was an ambitious and risked take both musically and lyrically with dark stories (drug addiction, overdoses,..). This album may not be what people will expect from them, but this departure from their classic rock roots is real catchy. It sounds right.

Clever production  maintains along the album an overall high energy while creating fresh, but eclectic 11 tracks. The arrangements are light. Upbeat, easy grooves, tasty in the melodies,  It is interesting enough to be in your musical library. Theory of a Deadman creates a tapestry of sounds that gently flows in boastful rhymes , while staying unique in the deliverance.  It is a must-listen to experiment and the kind of album you may have missed. Wake Up Call has a hypnotic aesthetic that appeals to a wide audience.  It is really easy to get lost in the excitement of hearing these anthems.



Theory Of A Deadman 'Wake Up Call' Album Review
8.7Overall Score
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