This Week’s Guest on Questlove Supreme is super producer Jimmy Jam Only on Pandora

This week’s guest on Questlove Supreme is renowned super producer Jimmy Jam (part 2 of 3 episodes).  Check out the latest episode of Questlove Supreme with Jimmy Jam only on Pandora Radio here.

On producing Janet Jackson:
“To me that was always her super power, more so than even the dance in and all that.  Her background vocal was always amazing…With Janet, I would always have her sing the notes in the chord, which isn’t the normal way to stack vocals….she also had the stamina, where she would stay in there for hours, and hours, and hours, and we’d stack every note at least four times…”
On his long-time collaboration with colleague Terry Lewis:
“It’s a unique relationship because over the years it’s just kind of evolved…we’re not joined at the hip.  There’s a thought that we’re joined at the hip and we do everything together.  And I think if we did, there would probably be more of a friction or something…But we have different lives.”
On Prince and his business philosophy and how it affected his own business philosophy:
“…we never criticize Prince’s decision because it’s kind of like it’s tough to criticize the boss if you’ve never been a boss.  And so we didn’t agree with a lot of the things that Prince did, but we were in the position we were in because of the things he did do.


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