Update : Three Days Grace New Trailer #5 unveiled

Update 07/24 : 5th great teaser unleashed…  listen to it below.

Update 06/27  : Trailer 4 unveiled.  Killer sneak peek. Transit of Venus sounds like something completely different than the previous album .. can’t wait .. Please, next time, I hope it will be the first single.

Update 06/21 : 3DG have posted a new trailer from their upcoming album. Watch it below and spread the word. 30 seconds that give you chills In my mind, worlds collide, something inside me is gone, still I keep going on ... Imagine the rest ..

Canadian rockers Three Days Grace revealed the name of their forthcoming studio album and release date.

The next disc will be titled Transit of Venus. Follow-up to their 2009 effort,Life Starts Now, it is ready to hit stores on October 2, 2012. Get ready and mark your calendars.

Announcement date is not trivial. It coincides with the transit of Venus , today, visible across the sun on June 5, 2012, at 9:00 A.M. PST.

The video clip begins with a verse from poem “The Flâneur” – During the Transit of Venus, written on December 6, 1882 by poet and physician Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

A Black, round spot, – and that is all ;

Such a speck our earth would be

If he who looks upon the stars

Through the red atmosphere of Mars

Could see our little creeping ball

Check out this link -> here for a live feed from NASA of the Transit of Venus.

The trailer also depicts images of the band, probably in studio. It is extremely exciting and  the few seconds of their new music seem to announce a cool musical surprise.

Hoping that their lead single will hit the airwaves soon.


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