Three Days Grace Transit of Venus Album Review

Rate : 3/5

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Three Days Grace release their  fourth studio album Transit of Venus on October 2nd via RCA records. Follow-up to Life Start Now, it is produced by Don Gilmore.

This is an album, much more textured and richer than its predecessor. This is also far from this “mainstream rock music” that uses the same formula endlessly. Three Days Grace keeps their trademark sound while making it more progressive and post-grunge.

Most of the tracks are driven by many different keyboard sounds and other electronic elements as well as a heavy wall of sounds , gritty and dense at the same time  but  not particularly memorable. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you the first time, I highly recommend you to give it a second look because Transit of Venus requires several listens to be sure to appreciate its true value. The album contains different powerful and great riffs  on Happiness and Give Me a Reason.

There are also some awesome rockin solos from Barry Stock  to mention, who finally shows all his talent on Chalk OutlineMisery Loves My CompanyGive In To Me and Happiness. On the other side, even with headphones, the bass is not really noticeable except on Happiness and Give Me a Reason.  It is often overpowered by the heavy wall of sound. The album also contains a cover of Michael Jackson ‘s song, Give In To Me that honors the original. The unique vocal style of Adam Gontier is always very powerful but his voice is more nuanced on most of the songs. Memorable tracks are Time That Remains and Unbreakable Heart. These are also the most beautiful tracks of the album. Unbreakable heart blends 80s New wave sounds, acoustic guitars, electronica parts , an upbeat melody alongside catchy choruses and verses.

The album is a real success  and a stunningly progressive rock/post grunge album as well as  one of these that can surprise at first listen. It is also a solid effort to break from the mainstream modern rock and the songwriting is always flawless.

Recommended for long-time fans.

Three Days Grace Transit Of Venus Tracklist is as follows.

  1. Sign of the Times
  2. Chalk Outline
  3. The High Road
  4. Operate
  5. Anonymous
  6. Misery Loves My Company
  7. Give In To Me
  8. Happiness
  9. Give Me A Reason
  10. Time That Remains
  11. Expectations
  12. Broken Glass
  13. Unbreakable Heart

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