Tiny Thief Game Review

Tiny ThiefTiny Thief is the latest Rovio title for mobile devices developed by 5 Ants Games.

The puzzle game follows a little cute character through his quests. Six medieval adventures are available that everyone can enjoy. The goal is to collect items, a ferret and complete the main objective without being noticed. The adventures are fun and adorable.

The objectives may be simple which , at the end, rewards the players with stars. Reaching them, will be harder like other Rovio games. The puzzles are interesting and imaginative. If you get stuck in a level, there is a book of hints with visual clues that allows you to advance. It may be a little frustrating if you can’t wait to discover the solution because the hint system is only available every four hours. However, if you use your logic and reasoning, the level is pretty easy. On another note, the graphics are engaging. The environments are unique  as Rovio has the secret.  Find the hidden treasures and other interactive surprises is a real pleasure. The touch-screen gameplay  is flawless. Tap an area to move Tiny Thief. Interact with objects simply touching the button above them on the screen to grab them. Tap to climb up ladder, walk on the roof tops or hide in a barrel. At the end, the game will keep you glued to your screen for many hours.

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