Trapt brand New Song Bring It available – release Official Video

 – Update – Official Video below

Hard Rockers Trapt are back with a brand new song Bring It as a standalone single.

It is now available on Spotify. Also Grab your copy now -> on iTunes , Amazon or directly from the band here.

This track is extremely powerful, much more original as well as far from “Mainstream”.

There is a significant change in this new piece of music if you compare it to their previous work. It is a very good thing. The riffs are much more punchy and play a creative melody in unison with the bass in the background. Joined by the drum playing and Chris ‘s recognizable vocals, Bring It will deserve to be included in radio playlists. Don’t hesitate to request it on your favorite radio station. Love their energy as well as their new style. GO.

It is flawless and it is the kind of track that will delight listeners, music lovers and fans. I love. Support them. They need you. They are independent now.

Spread the word everywhere, on your facebook, twitter, google +, tumblr … etc.. DO IT NOW.

Catch them live near you. They will play on November 25 at The Viper RoomHollywood. Tickets on sale -> here.