Tremonti You Waste Your Time Single + Video Performance Review

Mark Tremonti Debut single You Waste Your time is available on iTunes. If you haven’t it, grab your copy. You don’t regret it. The track features on his highly anticipated solo album All I Was (produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette ) coming on July , 10. Pre-order it here.

It took him a long time to decide. Great fan of his work throughout the years, I have dreamed about a solo album. Finally, it is here. He shows another astonishing range of his talents as singer. There is no doubt in my mind that he could assume the role of lead singer to perfection. His singing is flawless but who can doubt about this ? Anyway, the result is beyond my expectations.

He also shows another range of his abilities on the guitar, able to create any heavy sounds for a band but also to create his own unique style. You waste your time is a successful blend of melodious hard rock sounds and speed metal. The track features various tempos. It is both slow, brutal , agressive and fast on solos that reminds a little of Trivium and  Five Finger Death Punch.

Request it on your favorite radio. It should impact radio on June 5.

  1. Leave It Alone
  2. So You’re Afraid
  3. Wish You Well
  4. Brains
  5. The Things I’ve Seen
  6. You Waste Your Time
  7. New Way Out
  8. Giving Up
  9. Proof
  10. All I Was
  11. Doesn’t Matter
  12. Decay
The video depicts him and his band mates including Creed/Alter Bridge Brian Marshall   performing the track. Cool video for Mark’s  first performance like a lead singer/guitar player that shows his innate ability to sing as a lead singer and play at the same time.  He really rocks like a rock star.