Trivium ‘Silence In The Snow’ Album Review

Trivium 'Silence In The Snow' Album ReviewTrivium ‘Silence In The Snow’ Album Review

Trivium released their 7th studio album Silence in the Snow via Roadrunner Records.

Helmed by producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette, it is the follow-up to Vengeance Falls. It has a classic metal vibe to it with a modern twist, influenced by legend metal acts like Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden among others. Past and present intertwine. But, it is much more than that. The album is without a doubt more in line with them than their previous work. The riffs are powerful, fast and mainly more melodic and varied while the guitar solos/dual guitar attacks  are flawless. Silence in the Snow sounds like the soundtrack to a movie, starting with the prelude Snøfall.  It is one of best cinematic intro ever heard. The symphonic track reminds you of what you can hear at the beginning of a fantasy blockbuster.

Trivium took their music to new levels without sacrificing either their intensity and biting in their performance. Their approach is different, making it evident from the title track which set the tone. It has an infectious singalong chorus  . Moreover, it introduced us to a completely different style , compelling and appealing. It is always aggressive and fast on tracks such as Breathe in the flames and The thing that’s Killing me. The melody is the driving force behind the songs. The Ghost That’s Haunting You and Blind Leading The Blind have some great hook choruses.

They incorporate other dynamics , tempo variation and signature change in tracks such as Pull Me From the Void and Beneath The Sun.

Trivium also added  a little more harmony. The guitars mirror the vocals on the phenomenal The darkness of my mind (deluxe edition) and Rise above the tides.

No screaming but a different vocal style that carries the songs backed by a solid rhythm section. Rougher vocals capture this raw energy still present on the album, in tracks such as Dead And Gone.  The songs have an emotional power with an emphasis on vocals, guitar and bass melodies. The production is excellent. The album is superbly arranged  without affecting the different tones of instruments. A sharp clarity and even a greater openness. The songs offer quite space, for the guitarists to shine on their own, including the bass in tracks such as Silence in the Snow (verses), Dead and Gone, Rise Above the Tides and The Thing That’s Killing Me.

All in all,  Silence in the Snow is their best work to date. The album has a different style on the vocals as well a guitar work that stands out. Trivium is a band, not afraid to change in a good way.

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Trivium 'Silence In The Snow' Album Review
9.2Overall Score
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  1. Valerio

    As a Trivium fan, I do not agree a bit with this review, I found the album boring and without a single track worth to remember, I don’t even feel the need to listen to it more than once considering that I forced myself to finish it the first time.
    I would not even give a 6 to this album, 5 is enough; still it’s my own personal opinion