Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Pilot Review

Once Upon A Time In WonderlandOnce Upon A Time in Wonderland is a spin-off of Once Upon a Time  that airs on ABC on Thursdays nights.  It was created by Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Zack Estrin and Jane Espenson.

The series is built upon Lewis Carroll‘s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland . However, no need to read the story to understand.

The story takes place  in present-day with flashback to Wonderland. It also includes the characters of the original series Once Upon A Time, like Leroy, and Disney with Jafar.  The series begins in Victorian London,  with the young Alice (Sophie Lowe), who returns from Wonderland several years later. She continues to visit Wonderland in search of proof of its existence for his father. After capturing the White Rabbit, she falls in love with the genie, Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) He proposes to Alice but the lovers are interrupted by the Red Queen (Emma Rigdy) who throws Cyrus into the sea. Her crazy adventures about white rabbits, smoking caterpillars, giant mushrooms in an enchanting place called Wonderland ,lead Alice in an asylum.

Meanwhile, the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) who lives in Storybrooke, Maine, encounters The While Rabbit  who convinces him to help him save Alice. Next, the young adult, Alice agrees to receive a treatment  that will help her to erase her memories of Wonderland, The morning of the procedure,  she changes mind when she learns from The White Rabbit (voiced by John Lithgow) and The Knave of the Hearts here to save her, that Cyrus is alive. Together, they manage to  escape the asylum .

The Rabbit digs a hole. They are back to Wonderland. Unfortunately, the white rabbit was forced to bring her back by The Red Queen . In fact, it is Agrabahian sorcerer Jafar (Naveen Andrews) who wishes for some unknown reasons back in Wonderland..

Superbly well-crafted, it thrills from start to finish. Lewis Carroll die hard fans or not, it will be hard to not like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland because you must recognise that it refreshing to see the new dark twist brought to Wonderland’s story. If you already are fan of Once Upon A Time, you’ll like the series. For newcomers, the quest of lost love may appear ordinary but the obscure reasons of Jafar who wants Alice Back to Wonderland will keep us interested and suspenseful for a couple of episodes through some magnificent scenes and dreamy landscapes.

The  special visual effects are spectacular. Moreover, the animated characters such as The White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat (Keith David) are incredibly realistic. On the other hand,  the acting is excellent. The human characters are nice specially The Knave Of the Hearts. People will appreciate his humor. You can also feel the chemistry between him and Alice. The young man does not seem insensible to Alice as well … The funniest scene is without a doubt the Mallow Marsh.

All in all, the series shows us that growing up is not always easy. It also delivers positive messages as  the determination, never give up its dreams… It makes us dream and keeps us entertained from start to finish. It also includes a beautiful quote “When you really love someone, you don’t need proof”.

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