Van Halen A Different Kind of Truth Album Review

Van HalenVan Halen new album A Different Kind of Truth is now available. Best comeback. The teaser was tasteful. The final result is up to our expectations, even more . They deliver a truly kick ass album, blend of melodious trash metal and heavy authentic Rock & Roll with a touch of blues.

A Different Kind Of Truth reminds you that  the real music still exists in case you’d forgotten and you desperate when you listen to radio . They bring back this superb era from 80s with a cool twist that appeals to you. The album is a package of the cream of the best which ensures us that the rock & Roll is not dead.

It is totally badass from beginning to end with this inimitable tornado of sick riffs/licks backed up by a great bass line and a thunderous drum beat , catchy melodies and charismatic vocals. All great ingredients are here to make listener ‘s experience very enjoyable and memorable.  It is clear. The combination David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen and Co (Alex and Wolfgang) is the best of the best. They devastate everything in their path especially Eddie Van Halen. The maestro of killer riffs is back. The greatest guitarist of all time tears up all his various solos and riffs ranging from trash metal such as China Town , and heavy, blues or pure rock & Roll (Honeybabysweetiedoll). She’s The Woman (my first favorite), As Is are also two examples of this, among other powerful tracks of the album. You will be impressed (as usual) by Eddie dazzling guitar playing.

Massive attack of brutal trash metal in As Is, Bullethead, China Town, the coolest from all time, that will blow your mind. It is fast, dynamic and highly energized in equal mesure.

The bass is perfectly audible with the rest. The drum playing is badass. Alongside the legendary Eddie Van Halen, Alex and Wolfgang back him up in total harmony through the album. Honeybabysweetiedoll ,The Trouble With Never, Outta Space are examples of this <- I love these songs. We couldn’t imagine Van Halen without David Lee Roth‘s incomparable vocals that shine and make the songs even better.

The blues/rock  is here in Stay Frosty that reminds me of Johnny Cash. It is another track that stands out. I highly recommend the deluxe acoustic for their acoustic sessions.

Van Halen with A Different Kind of Truth shake up this rock scene too often generic on radio. It will become a classic. For sure, without a doubt. For music lovers and fans.

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