Vista Announce Sophomore EP ‘Long Live’

Anthem rock band Vista will release their EP Long Live on July 21st, 2017. It lyrically focuses mainly on forming an allegiance and finding an ‘oasis’ among a dystopian society. The 7 song tracklist includes previously released singles Henchmen and Allegiance, as well as a new version of vocalist Hope Vista’s 2015 solo single Dominance.

The EP also contains four never-before heard tracks, including the heart-thumping anthem Inside Anxious, which was written to inform listeners on the physical symptoms of anxiety. With this record cycle, VISTA also introduces The Oasis, a metaphorical world for listeners to feel safe in through the band’s music and shows.

“We never want to just be a band. We also wanted to release a body of work that was a brand. Brand, not just a band. A strong package of visuals, music that matches up to the visuals, a threshold of content that lived up to the title of the record. The concept for Long Live really stemmed from Henchmen, which was focused on the idea of fighting against the face of oppression in a politically polarizing society. This apocalyptic world, the words Long Live stand up against that and also mirror where VISTA is at a year and a half later.”


  1. Allegiance

  2. Inside Anxious

  3. Hellbent

  4. Dominance 2.0

  5. Long Live

  6. Part III

  7. Henchmen (bonus track)

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