X&Y ‘Breathe’ Song Review

X&Y 'Breathe' Song Review

British band X&Y released a new song Breathe. It was written and produced by the band with Rationale and Anu Pillai (Freeform Five, Roisin Murply). Breathe is taken from X&Y’s debut EP Experience X which will be available on streaming services starting February 26.

Breathe instantly electrifies the listener with a widely infectious chorus, hot and stylized. They take us in new pop places we don’t expect. Bombastic indie pop single spiced by a charismatic melody and expressive vocals, crackling guitar playing. They maintain this hook-heavy hook, hitting us without moderation.

In other news, X&Y will play live on February 25 at the Music Week ‘Radar’ showcase at Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge, London.

X&Y 'Breathe' Song Review
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