Alter Bridge ‘The Last Hero’ Album Review

Alter Bridge released their 5th studio album The Last Hero via Caroline Records (US).

The album turns around the theme of Heroism and its different aspects while delivering power and positivity that will resonate to listeners.

They get it just right with everything, from  arrangements, emotions, dynamics and lyrics. They continue their road to musical excellence and pull out a raw and eclectic album with plenty of standouts. They definitely offer something for everyone, that helps you get through tough times but also connected to today’s political, social, global warming (The Writing on the Wall)  issues. Show Me A Leader set the tone of the album. Fine mix of alternative metal with a large range of textures and impressive work of rhythmic patterns backed by really well thoughtful lyrics. The songs fizz with pure electric energy enveloping a core of thrilling melodies and creating a range of intricate layers both enthralling and vibrant. The whole thing flows naturally from one track to the next. Stunning guitar solos through the album starting with Show Me a Leader. The following track, The Writing on the Wall is no exception to the rule. The hook is sensational and addictive. Tasty riffing blows your face.

Variety in guitar tones is another highlight on The Last Hero Album. My Champion brings out an emotional ride of introspection that will resonate to listeners. Whilst Poison In Your Veins delivers  the inspirational message of believe in yourself and boost your self-confidence, Cradle to the Grave is heavy and emotionally loaded. The band also shows diversity with You Will Be Remembered, paying tribute to our everyday heroes. A beautiful anthem that speaks to us like the epic title track The Last Hero, aggressive, dark, and brutal. The melody gets caught up in your mind. The guitar playing is superb.   This Side of Fate is a top notch track, delivering tempo changes, flavored guitar riffs and creative guitar soloing. Crows on a Wire comes with a brilliant riff that catches you easily. Island of Fools is fiery.

All in all, Alter Bridge showcases significant growth in content and maturity with no signs of slowing down.  The album awakens conscience. The Last Hero is purely a masterpiece.


Alter Bridge 'The Last Hero' Album Review
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