Barns Courtney ‘The Attractions of Youth’ Album Review

You may have heard him in various commercials, FIFA 17 soundtrack, movie Burnt and tv series such Lucifer or Teen Wolf among others. Do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in his universe right away.

He should surprise you. Barns Courtney wraps words in a truly compelling and electric blend of classic rock infused with a variety of influences and genres on his debut album The Attractions of Youth (Capitol Records). He penned truthful lyrics about his tough road to now. It is a big sound evoking a wide range of feelings and thoughts that emerge in such hard situations . The record is inspiring, raw, authentic and honest. Listening to his album, you feel like intruding on his personal journey. He shines on the album ridding swinging rhythms of hip-hop, blues rock, gospel, grunge and folk and tearing off a couple of tasty pounding beats and infectious guitars with an exceptional strong voice, both depth and expressive. His songs are equally stellar. They showcase a burst of incendiary energy and swagger. He sets up a series of irresistible upbeat rhythms while never over-shadowing the space left.

Opening with the blues rock Fire and Glitter & Gold, Barns Courtney reveals the struggles he faced in life. Barns brings a touch of old western vibe back. It is groovy and the bouncy beats are completely contagious. Hands is another gem of old-school blues indie rock delivery with soulful grooves While Golden Dandelions is a vibrant folk anthem, Hellfire is devilishly epic. Little Boy shows another facet of Courtney , something different, and light. It is a stripped-down experience not to miss. The inspired piano ballad Goodbye John Smith pays homage to his late grandfather. It is an emotional power standout. Never Let You Down has a funky vibe. Champion is another gritty bombastic, big rock anthem. It is grandiose and up-tempo.
In the current music climate, it is refreshing to find an artist like Barns Courtney. He excels here with memorable songs and an engaging voice. There is also a timelessness to his music without a doubt. Highly recommended. This album is simply breathtaking, haunting, emotional and inspirational. What better than getting it for your musical library. You don’t regret the journey. Moreover, he is an excellent storyteller.

Grab your copy here.

Barns Courtney 'The Attractions of Youth' Album Review
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