Bobaflex ‘Eloquent Demons’ Album Review

Bobaflex released today their 8th studio album Eloquent Demons on Thermal Entertainment LLC.

Classic rock at its best, Eloquent Demons  pushes the boundaries by rocking harder than ever with one of the most ingenious effective intro ever heard. There is a certain cinematic feeling that gets you instantly before encompassing this awesome 70’s hard rock With I’ Am Your Nightmare. A flawless gem which makes you feel this  driving tasteful relentless rock rhythm along brutal lyrics. The guitars are really cool.  With their vocal harmonies, the band give us a final coup de grace definitely. Nothing more true in a Bobaflex fashion and a fresh way, that continues with the following track Long Time Coming. It is a timeless heavy metal and hard rock blend loaded with a heavy groove and  a tinge of  southern rock vibe. If you are not yet convinced with the greatness of this tremendous sound on the album. Just one word, “classic”  Say What You Will totally  rocks. A raw rocking’ song. Lights Out is another impressive epic tune. It really showcases the band’s harmony skills palpable in the rest of the album, undeniably top notch. Real Sadness is a great piece with awesome rhythm transitions along a rad bluesy instrumental moment. The song is dark and speaks for itself. The lyrics are  profound.  Off With Your Head is a well-crafted song. Love the lyrics a lot. Easily relatable.

Whilst Bobaflex did a great job of covering Hey You by Pink Floyd, Moon And The Shadows is a thrilling piece of art. It is filled with dynamic tempo changes coupled with complex harmonies at their best. The ending track Reckless has a dexterous guitar work.

All in all, If music has a sound, Bobaflex are one of striking examples with their new album Eloquent Demons. Perfect guitars, great drums and harmony vocals in top form. Take a listen and enjoy the trip. It is all about music is. Undeniable refreshing to get this kind of album. The lyrics are beautifully written.
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Bobaflex 'Eloquent Demons' Album Review
9.5Overall Score
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