Chevelle ‘Joyride (Omen)’ Single Review

Chevelle 'Joyride (Omen)' Single Review

Chevelle released today their brand new single Joyride (Omen) via Epic Records. The song is taken from their upcoming album The North Corridor coming soon. It was produced by Joe Barresi. Pre-order your copy now on their official webstore here and get their single Joyride (Omen). The song is also available on all digital retailers.

Maintaining this constant level of quality in their work, Joyride (Omen) is a little gem of raw aggressive heavy style, infectiously melodic with an intense hook whilst staying true to themselves. It feels familiar but it remains fresher as ever and innovative with these flawless guitar riffs and this strong bass line that keep the things exciting. This song is like a breath of fresh air from all this boring mainstream.

Pre-order their album here. You are not going to regret this journey.

Don’t forget to catch them on the road somewhere near you. Dates and details here at this location here.

Chevelle 'Joyride (Omen)' Single Review
9.7Overall Score
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