Green Day ‘Revolution Radio’ Album Review

Green Day released their 12th studio album Revolution Radio via Reprise Records. It was produced by the band and recorded in Oakland (CA).

Revolution Radio is a comfort album between a wide range of pop-rock sounds, driving riffs, joyous singalong choruses and striking melodies.  However, new things also appear. The nearly seven minutes Forever Now unfurls into something more intricate.

The band shares a sheer energy, infectious and up-tempo along softer moments full of honesty and vulnerability. The songs soar. First record in four years, Revolution Radio is a collection of songs about the chaotic times in America, perfectly described on Troubled Times. The album is very much about politics and social issues through a powerful use of metaphors. With an acute writing , eerie lyrics , written from the perspective of a mass shooter, the lead single Bang Bang set the tone. Inspired by a protest march in New York two years ago , the title track Revolution Radio is raw. Say Goodbye is a dark political song.

There are also personal songs relatable to everyone like the nice acoustic ballad  Ordinary World , the emotional loaded, Still Breathing, the look back upon their youth on the mid-tempo Outlaw and the classic punk track Too Dumb to die. Youngblood is dedicated to Armstrong ’s wife, Adrienne.

All in all, filled with anger and such explicitness, Revolution Radio is a protest record, as profound as everyone can expect from Green Day which leaves you feeling anything.

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Green Day 'Revolution Radio' Album Review
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