Grizfolk ‘Waking Up The Giants’ Album Review

Grizfolk released today, on Jan. 8, 2016, their debut album, Waking Up The Giants, via Virgin Records. It is follow-up to several singles and their EP From The Spark.

Most of songs will accompany you through your own memories. Real journey of emotions across soundscapes, both evocative and eerie, arena-ready. The album seems like a soundtrack for a movie. It is as good as it sounds. It is varied and cohesive. The album contains some great jams along a strong imaginary.

Grizfolk melds genres between folk, electro-pop and indie rock sensibilities crafting anthemic songs like their hit single Troublemaker, the soaring track Hymnals, or the strong alt-rock Into The Barrens among others. Pulsating rhythms appeal for uprise. Songs such as The Struggle become quickly an obsession. The guitars and synthetizers intertwine into an haunting way. It is totally hypnotic. Waking Up The Giants is an indie-folk anthem. While Waiting For You, borrows from the country music, Vagabonds plays between soft percussions and warm synth-pop piano. The song has this kind of epic vibe that transports you to another world or time. Bob Marley has a 70s vibe, quite enjoyable but it is not the most memorable songs. Bounty On My Head fuses indie rock sounds  in a fresh and groovy way. Cosmic Angel is a beautiful love song featuring a very engaging acoustic intro. The intensity remains strong even on soft tracks such as Bohemian Bird, blending ghost atmospherics, and haunting beats. The album ends as strong as it started with the epic upbeat synth-pop song, Wide Awake.

With Waking Up The Giants, Grizfolk thus offers one of most promising debut albums to start 2016. It is just a flavor of their talent. They should have no problem getting people in their universe.

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Grizfolk 'Waking Up The Giants' Album Review
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