ILCA Launches 360° Movie Project ‘Dai-Shogun’ on Kickstarter

ILCA Launches 360° Movie Project 'Dai-Shogun' on Kickstarter

ILCA launches today, on March 24, a crowdfunding campaign for the 360° movie Dai-shogun on Kickstarter. The campaign will continue for 30 days, finishing on April 23rd, 2016. The funding goal for the project will be $200, 000.

The project began with movie director Kazuya Sasahara’s enthusiastic devotion to the work. “I want to give the audience a 360°digital animation experience that will make “Dai-Shogun” a movie unlike any that has come before it. Not for the family, this is an action adventure that will make your pulse pound and your body rock!”

The movie has a scheduled completion date set for December 12th, 2016, and is planned to be compatible with smart phones, personal computers, and VR devices.

Kickstarter Project page URL

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