Jay Smith ‘Out Of Life’ Single Review

Jay Smith 'Out Of Life' Single ReviewJay Smith ‘Out Of Life’ Single Review

Platinum awarded , Swedish idol winner, songwriter/singer, Jay Smith released his new single Out Of Life.
A melting plot of bluesy rock sounds with a funky groove edge. Jay Smith nails it totally.   The result is an instantly catchy hit with thoughtful lyrics.

Jay about the new song:
“It´s like a warm summer day. Floating in water and thinking about what life would be without the constant struggle that is living in the real world.”

You’re feeling overwhelmed by a music that reverberates through you immediately. The guitar playing is hypnotic. The melody moves you. A very expressive voice, haunting and warm takes you on a sort of travel road ; something you never want it to stop.
Over the past two years Jay has released one full length album, three singles and earned a wide reputation as an outstanding live artist with a track record of more than one hundred executed shows in twenty-four months.
As talented as he is , he deserves a introduction on the U.S market as soon as possible,  that needs real artists like him.
Jay Smith 'Out Of Life' Single Review
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