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Come Home - Luminate

Christian alternative rock band, Luminate released this year his first length album , Come Home. It is really an excellent beautiful piece of music.

You listen to several songs day by day . You don’t find no music which touchs you…. You are without enthousiasm and suddenly , a band grabs your attention.. You do not know why but you know this is them , your next review.

You find yourself listening to them and have them in few seconds in your musical library. You feel that there is something that makes you fall in love with this sound.  This album will give you chills. It is full of absolutely lovely and breathtaking melodies. The sound is unified and doesn’t end up sounding the same. There is a little something more, of interest to be listened to with a big attention. It is catchy from beginning to end through the album. Luminate first length album Come home is a set of hummable songs. and … it is really pleasant.

The production is high quality. Sam’s vocals are highlighted by an awesome rhythm section. The lyrics are excellent. What’s more, if not, read and listened to them.

I literally cracked up for Destiny, an anthem rock ballad with a sublime melody and a poignant interpretation very convincing. It is my first favorite. This song is definitely one of most beautiful tracks of this winter. The solo guitar will  not displease the music rock lovers. It is exquisite.

You are my destiny, my Perfect Peace

And all I need is You

Your Mercy will satisfy, my deepest cry

‘Cause all I need is You, it’s You



Destiny is no exception. Each song has something to offer. I highly recommend the lead rock single Healing In Your arms, perfect to impact radio. This track will hit Christian airwaves on February 21, 2011.  It is captivating from the very first second. Who can resist to Come home song, powerful rock ballad forever with sublime hooks.  It talks about Sam’s personal journey.

The arrangements are remarkable. It is impressive as well in What I live For. I also love All I want, beautiful rock ballad. Pump up your volume and appreciate.. Sure this band have this ability of creating warm , deep and smooth melodic rock ballads with meaningful lyrics.. I like.  A heartbeat for Hope is rising that contains some passionate acoustic guitar part.  The track is a mainstream of  charismatic sounds. The end is wonderful. Make sure to check out New Beginnings, maybe another rock ballad but different. The melody is haunting. Lovely piano parts.. We can not forget the track On Your side. The drum part is amazing. Harmonious music along the songs as the rest of the album. The album ends up as strongly as it began with This is love, a powerful ballad with emotional vocals. The acoustic guitar is sublime. Stay with Me is also haunting. The riffs guitars joined by some awesome piano parts create a sound that grib your soul. The vocals are full of sincerity.

Each song is admirably well interpreted.  It is easy to fall in love with all tracks. The musical chemistry is here. Come home is an epic album and I hope it will have the success it deserves. This five-piece christian band have a bright future ahead of them. It is undeniable. This is one of the few albums from a new band that I recommend.


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