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Rev Theory

Rate : 10/10

Justice - Rev Theory

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Rev Theory releases today their third studio album Justice (as Rev Theory). The band offers us a killer hard rock record full of  infectious metal and rock beats. It is a musical wealth at any levels. Outside of powerful lead single Justice, there is a song that really stands out at the first listen, it is the rock ballad The Fire delivered with emotion, that would deserve the top of the charts. Rich ‘ s emotional raw voice will immediately give you chills.  An upcoming hit radio that I highly recommend. Rev Theory excels in this style. They are real masters of the ballads. In fact, the second soaring ballad Say Goodbye is another track not to neglect. Acoustic guitar and electric parts fit very well. Otherwise, the album is damn intense from beginning to end. Excellent harmonies between Matty’s background vocals and lead singer Rich in Never AgainDead In a Grave, Hangman as in the rest of the album. Two voices put together that work very well. The clear bass lines are also awesome parts not to miss specially in Justice song or in Wicked wonderland. For guitar lovers, they will appreciate the various killer metal riffs along the record as well as the awesome melodic licks. The roaring Hangman and Loaded Gun are fantastic. I love these tracks.

Distorted guitar intro  in Dead In a Grave is amazing. I like the broken glass at the end.

Great dual guitar in Enemy Within. At 2:12 , strong bass line part to listen to. Sweet melodic licks in Wicked Wonderland. The twin guitars joined by a powerful drum make a great explosive work as in the rest of record. I also suggest you Guilty By Design, an impressive piece of metal rock music. It is fast and a must listen for serious listeners. Cool background vocals on this song.

These guys rock. It is undeniable and fascinating to listen to. I also recommend the last song, the cool acoustic song Hollow Man singing by the bass player (written by him) Matty McCloskey. It is one of my favorite. It is beautiful..

In conclusion, Justice is the impressive and excellent logical continuation of their previous record Light it Up that I also recommend you if you are not familiar with Rev Theory. They bring their music to another level both more darker and more angry in the lyrics as well in their sound but always as warm, beautiful and authentic.They really deserve much more recognition for their creativity and the excellent pleasant metal and rock music that they offer us. With this album, they prove it once again. Anyway, Justice is a must buy for this month for fans and music lovers.

Watch below their acoustic live performance for Justice. I recommend you to check out. It is worth the detour.

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