The Mysterious Card, a RPG riddle game is coming in June

The Mysterious Card, a Riddle game available on PC/Mac on May 1st, 2018

Based on the books The Mysterious Card and The Mysterious Card Unveiled by Cleveland Moffett, the game sets players off on an exciting mysterious puzzle adventure through the Europe and United States with the players taking on the role of Richard Burwell.

Richard Burwell will never cease to regret at never having learnt the French language. Help him at your own risk in his quest filled with traps and interrogations. The answer might not be what he expected !

Evigshed inc will release The Mysterious Card as the first game in its first Mysterious Stories Series, which will highlights classic stories. The game will be available on PC/Mac in June.

Prepare yourself for exciting puzzle quests. Challenge yourself of finding clues. Play against the darkness.




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