The Seige ‘Natalie Portman (feat. Cheat Codes)’ Song Review

The Seige 'Natalie Portman (feat. Cheat Codes)' Song ReviewThe Seige ‘Natalie Portman (feat. Cheat Codes)’ Song Review

The Seige  a.k.a. Taz Conley, refreshes the culture hip-hop with a new and thoughtfully sound with some rebellious flavor. Natalie Portman (feat. Cheat Codes) consists of meaningful lyrics to raise awareness. The Seige is inspired by politics and current events, with influences ranging from Kanye West to Alice Cooper to Rage Against The Machine. His style is easy to fall in love with. He brings a whole new vibe to hip-hop scene , that blows you away immediately.  The track is driven by celtic guitars and pulsating drums provided by from DJ/producer trio Cheat Codes along infectious choruses. He also creates a fresh melody and keeps the things engaged. The Seige is unafraid to speak his mind. The song Natalie Portman (feat. Cheat Codes) has a positive message. People should not conform to society’s standards. He suggests them use their hearts to accomplish the dream they want and their own freedom.

The Seige, a name not to forget. His music and his words , both real and honest should appeal people instantly.

The video follows a band of misfits preparing for battle.He also shares, “I love the scenes in the video where myself and our female actor, who is also African American, embrace the other actors, who are white, lovingly and with passion. It sends an extremely deep message to the viewer that color doesn’t matter. When it’s time to fight for what we believe in, we’re all brothers and sisters. We didn’t sit down to write a charged up song about rioting in the streets, we just opened up ourselves to the universe and let it take us wherever it wanted us to go. That’s how it should happen every time.”

The Seige Online:

The Seige 'Natalie Portman (feat. Cheat Codes)' Song Review
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